Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

Are you in need of a cleaning service for your short or long term rental units?

Palm Beach Maid handles dozens of vacation rental units for owners in Palm Beach County.

We have a systematized checklist process that is tailored to your rental unit with pictures that your cleaner will follow to provide a seamless cleaning service after your guests leave.

Give us a call at 561-339-2980 and we'd be happy to stop by for an in-home consultation and take pictures and notes for our cleaners.

Please note that we don't book vacation rental cleaning service until your in-home consultation has been done to make sure that we have a total understanding of your cleaning needs.


Pricing Table for
vacation rental cleaning

Pay by check Pay by credit card
3H 00M $119.00 $123.17
3H 15M $128.75 $133.26
3H 30M $138.50 $143.35
3H 45M $148.25 $153.44
4H 00M $158.00 $163.53
4H 15M $167.75 $173.62
4H 30M $177.50 $183.71
4H 45M $187.25 $193.80
5H 00M $197.00 $203.90
5H 15M $206.75 $213.99
5H 30M $216.50 $224.08
5H 45M $226.25 $234.17
6H 00M $236.00 $244.26