On-Call Service or One-Time Cleaning

Not ready for weekly or biweekly service, or can't commit to a regular schedule?

You can use our on-call service with no strings attached. If you only need cleaning every month or so, or just a few times a year, or even just for one-time cleaning; we are here to serve you!

Simply book a one-time cleaning and call us whenever you're ready for another cleaning after that. We're happy to send someone whenever you need a cleaning.

Our on-call service/one-time cleaning starts from $109.00 per cleaning. See our price sheet below. Please note that there is a 3.5% service fee added to all credit card payments. Learn more on our Terms of Service page.



Pricing Table for
on-call service

Pay by check Pay by credit card
3H 00M $109.00 $112.82
3H 15M $118.00 $122.13
3H 30M $127.00 $131.45
3H 45M $136.00 $140.76
4H 00M $145.00 $150.08
4H 15M $154.00 $159.39
4H 30M $163.00 $168.71
4H 45M $172.00 $178.02
5H 00M $181.00 $187.34
5H 15M $190.00 $196.65
5H 30M $199.00 $205.97
5H 45M $208.00 $215.28
6H 00M $217.00 $224.60