Our cleanings are done by one cleaner. Each cleaner is scheduled for two houses a day. First appointment is normally scheduled at 8:30AM and because most of our houses are 3-4 hours we schedule the second appointment with an estimated 12:00-1:00PM start time. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Saturday.

Palm Beach Maid has a three hour minimum for each service. Once the first three hour has been established additional cleaning time may be added in 15 minute increments.

See our pricing below.

Weekly or Biweekly Service

$99 for three hours, then $33 per hour.

Our weekly and biweekly service is done on a reserved schedule with an assigned cleaner. The same cleaner would come out every week or every other week on the same day and same time. On the first cleaning we prefer that the owner is home and available for a quick walk through of the house with the cleaner. This is when you discuss your cleaning needs and preference with your cleaner. Other than cleaning the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, floors, dusting, etc., she can help with changing sheets on beds, limited laundry, dishes, sliding patio doors, etc.
Once this tour has been done she would know exactly how you like things done and will clean your house accordingly every time.

One-time/On-call Service

$109 for three hours, then $36 per hour.

Not ready for weekly or biweekly service, or can't commit to a regular schedule? You can use our on-call service with no strings attached. You would need to make arrangements for each cleaning as needed. Depending on availability we may not be able to send the same cleaner every time for you. Keep in mind that we only schedule this type of service up to two weeks in advance. The reason for that is because we have new weekly/biweekly customers who start service frequently and we would like to avoid creating a conflict due to a single service scheduled too far out in the future.

Move-in/Move-out Service

$119 for three hours, then $39 per hour.

Are you moving? Our move-in/move-out service makes your house move-in ready. Please keep in mind that just because the house is completely empty, it is not a quick in-and-out cleaning. In fact move-in/move-out cleaning normally takes far longer than an owner occupied cleaning. We must clean all appliances inside and out: fridge/freezer, oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, washer and dryer. A thorough fridge cleaning may take as long as 45 minutes! In addition to the appliances we must also clean all cabinets inside as well: top and bottom cabinets in the kitchen and all bathrooms. These are normally not done when the owner occupies the house.
Please make sure to keep water and power service on for your scheduled cleaning date. Please also provide a small step ladder for the cleaner that will help her reach top cabinets.

If you have plans to repaint/replace baseboards, doors, cabinets, appliances, bathrooms, cabinets then advise your cleaner about that. Please remember that we charge by the hour and don't want to waste your money cleaning things that will be thrown away.


3H 00M $99.00 $109.00 $119.00
3H 15M $107.25 $118.00 $128.75
3H 30M $115.50 $127.00 $138.50
3H 45M $123.75 $136.00 $148.25
4H 00M $132.00 $145.00 $158.00
4H 15M $140.25 $154.00 $167.75
4H 30M $148.50 $163.00 $177.50
4H 45M $156.75 $172.00 $187.25
5H 00M $165.00 $181.00 $197.00
5H 15M $173.25 $190.00 $206.75
5H 30M $181.50 $199.00 $216.50
5H 45M $189.75 $208.00 $226.25
6H 00M $198.00 $217.00 $236.00